VTC Compressors

Our VTC Compressors optimize energy usage by dynamically matching the capacity of the compressor to the refrigeration systems cooling demand. The compact size delivers the same capacity as larger displacement, single speed compressors making more room for refrigerated goods all while using eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant R-290.

Compressor Model Application Range Displacement Refrigerant Compatible Inverters
VTCX360U L/MBP 3.14 cc R-290
VTCX410U L/MBP 6.06 cc R-290
VTCX415U L/MBP 7.84 cc R-290
VTCX419U L/MBP 9.74 cc R-290
VTCW424U L/MBP 12.47 cc R-290
VTC1424U LBP 12.47 cc R-290